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Finding the right advice that perfectly balances your financial goals and expectations can be difficult considering the large number of financial products and services offered today. United Investment's advisors use their expertise to identify products and services that align and complement their clients' financial strategies.

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Financial Planning with United Investment

United Investment advisors may recommend any investment vehicle guaranteed or protected by capital available on the world market, allowing them to present products that are designed to repay your capital in full or in part, and provide exposure to various markets, including stocks and commodities. Since these opportunities can sometimes be difficult to identify and evaluate, it is important to work with an advisor who can determine the risks and the level of exposure you can expect. It is also important to bear in mind that not all products offer a 100% guarantee on the return of your investment capital, however, United Investment's history shows that we are not far away.

It is imperative to understand the terms and conditions of each financial product you are considering as part of the process of assessing the benefits of a guaranteed investment.

For more information on capital-protected investment options, contact United Investment and an advisor will be in touch to discuss a suitable investment strategy for your financial goals 

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning can be a confusing and time-consuming undertaking. Many people do not understand that they cannot meet their pension expectations unless they seek expert advice and manage their retirement investments accordingly.

Retirement planning is essential as global life expectancy increases. With birth rates in advanced economies falling, it is naïve to expect governments to continue to support their citizens" retirement in the coming decades. In the course of improving health care and lifestyle, people live longer, meaning that lucrative final-wage pension plans have become too expensive for most businesses to finance.  

What this Means

When it is time to take action and regain control over your retirement planning, you open up to opportunities that are not always offered or advised by your home or local advisor. Very few of them have the ability to actually offer their client's impartial advice or products only because of the person for whom they work or are affiliated.

Given the tendency of local governments to actively say to their citizens that they should, in principle, provide themselves with care in later life and take responsibility of their own retirement, the time has come to act and develop a strategy that will ensure the lifestyle you wish for in your retirement years.

Ideally, you want to make sure you have enough income and assets to live the way you want to live. What makes retirement planning more difficult is determining how this lifestyle will look, what it costs you and predicts how your needs might change over time. Then there is the challenge of dealing with the many variables that go into the process, and the pace with which they change, which can suddenly make a relatively simple process suddenly sound much more daunting and time-consuming.

Retirement Planning with United Investment

United Investment's advisors will examine your personal circumstances and calculate whether there is a deficit in your retirement strategy or policy. Once a complete understanding of your situation has been established, our advisors will seek to implement specific programs which will re-align your strategy to where you want to be in the future.

This process has been fine-tuned to integrate multiple strategies and products, with the selection driven by the end result, not the commission earned at time of implementation.

Why clients choose us?

At United Investment, we understand the subtleties of the needs and desires of global investors and our financial and tax advisors are qualified to consult in multiple jurisdictions.

We are determined to support our customers by recognising their goals and circumstances, and we believe we are essential to ensuring a smooth transition from national to international asset management.

Steps to Getting Started

At United, we are committed to facilitating your financial objectives and have been personally responsible for 1000's of clients reaching their goals. We take pride in assisting people from all backgrounds, all walks of life and guiding them through what many consider one of the more difficult and time consuming aspects of financial and retirement planning.

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