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Finding the right advice that perfectly balances your financial goals and expectations can be difficult considering the large number of financial products and services offered today. United Investment's advisors use their expertise to identify products and services that align and complement their clients' financial strategies.

Our Core Philosophy

By identifying global trends, our network of consultants, supported by our team of analysts, bring forward opportunities which always complement our basic philosophy of storing, growing and protecting wealth.

Whether you are a high-net-worth individual or just starting out on the road to investment, getting the right advice on your investments and putting your money in the best possible vehicle for the highest possible return is crucial.


Offshore investment could be the ideal way for you to improve your finances if you’re local markets are low-yield or want to diversify your financial assets.


Capital-protected investments offered by United Investment provide the potential profits of the financial markets, whilst protecting the value of your capital in the event of a decline in the market.

Storing Wealth

At United Investment, we recognize that all our clients are unique with different objectives, requirements and circumstances. Clients seeking to store wealth, preserve assets or generate new revenue flows always receive investment advice as they align with their individual objectives. 

Growing Wealth

Investing is a particularly good option if you find yourself with additional income you want to save or you already have savings that do not satisfy the gains you aspire to.

Our team of financial advisers here at United Investment has decades of experience and knowledge in supporting investors and rely on their backgrounds and networks to provide pertinent investment opportunities. Our team will advise you on all aspects of your investment, including reviewing your income, current savings plans and retirement strategies 

Protecting Wealth

Capital-protected investments offered by United Investment provide the potential profits of the financial markets, whilst protecting the value of your capital in the event of a decline in the market.

United achieve this by:

• Offer insurance policies to protect your equity
• Lower interest rates to reduce your own exposure
• Defining fixed investment conditions
• Use part of your capital in alternative products

Why clients choose us?

At United Investment, we understand the subtleties of the needs and desires of global investors and our financial and tax advisors are qualified to consult in multiple jurisdictions.

We are determined to support our customers by recognising their goals and circumstances, and we believe we are essential to ensuring a smooth transition from national to international asset management.

Steps to Getting Started

At United, we are committed to facilitating your financial objectives and have been personally responsible for 1000's of clients reaching their goals. We take pride in assisting people from all backgrounds, all walks of life and guiding them through what many consider one of the more difficult and time consuming aspects of financial and retirement planning.

Getting started is easy!


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